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Built on lessons learnt from the owners’ over 16 years experience in both policy and practice, Social Side Up offers services ranging from research & analysis, social impact and needs assessments, stakeholder engagement strategy development to implementation, trainings, and process management. By offering these services Social Side Up contributes to the creation of successful integrated project delivery.

Helping clients succeed in implementing successful stakeholder engagement & tap into the potential of multi-stakeholder participation especially by including end users.


Research & Analysis

Social Side Up provides insightful research combined with practitioner analysis for improved project and plan development and implementation.

Process management

Social Side Up is persuasive and experienced in gaining support through partnership building, and facilitating multi-stakeholder collaboration (including in-kind contribution and co-financing). Social Side Up is leading in moderating stakeholder dialogues and consultations for co-creation around plans and projects. Furthermore, Social Side Up contributes to the success of your event or meeting as a (key)note speaker, chairperson or moderator.


Social Side Up carries out needs assessments (e.g. surveys, interviews, focus groups) and Social Impact Assessments to inform your key decisions on plan and project design. 

Strategy development & implementation

Based on Social Side Up’s extensive (international) knowledge and expertise, support is being provided to the development and implementation of well-considered and thorough stakeholder engagement strategies.


Social Side Up provides tailor-made trainings for e.g. government agencies, municipalities, and provinces on stakeholder engagement and collaboration in area development.

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