Access to sufficient, clean and safe water – South Africa

Commissioned by Water Authority Drents Overijsselse Delta, Social Side Up has carried out a SWOT analysis for one of the South African Blue Deal projects, namely “Combating pollution in the Crocodile River”. The SWOT analysis showed that there are good opportunities to strengthen the technical project for improving wastewater treatment plants by further professionalizing the process of stakeholder engagement. Concrete and clear recommendations have been formulated to achieve professionalization.

Local tax revenue mobilization – Mozambique

Social Side Up held participatory dialogues with community and other stakeholders in Beira and Chimoio. Social Side Up developed a stakeholder engagement plan based upon the inputs from citizens. Their needs and ideas were used to make plans better on how to improve the local revenues to give better services. Social Side Up’s efforts are part of the Sustainable Development through improved Local Governance programme of VNG International in Mozambique.

More equitable and efficient water use – Ethiopia 

The project’s aim is to speed up the process of managing water more sustainably (e.g. through registrations, and the digitalisation of administration) in the Awash-Awash River sub-basin. As stakeholder engagement and public participation expert, Social Side Up is part of the VNG International team to create awareness on the value of water for all stakeholders and to engage stakeholders to ensure that efficient water use benefits all.

Guideline stakeholder engagement & advisory for Social Assessments

Together with partner organisations, Social Side Up developed a guideline for stakeholder engagement and the evaluation of social impacts for the Dutch Environmental Impact Assessment practice; Advisory for e.g. Dutch government and international clients for Social Impact Assessments. 

The key principle of stakeholder engagement is to engage stakeholders in dialogue to find out what means most to them and to involve stakeholders in the decision-making process. In this way mutual benefits and win-win strategies can be identified. Engaging stakeholders is an important ingredient for successful project delivery. Due to proper internal (administrative and political level) and external stakeholder engagement (including e.g. end users, co-financing partners) prior to the start and during the project, opportunities increase for: 

  • Participation;
  • Implementation;
  • Integrated cross-sectoral project approaches and solutions;
  • Support, harmony of interests and commitment.

Social Side Up’s projects are being carried out based on the aforementioned key principles of stakeholder engagement. Social Side Up always develops a tailor-made approach with locally inspired and recognizable engagement activities (f.i. by making use of existing stakeholder forums).

“Sanne’s insights and advice helped me tremendously in my awareness process about the added value of effective stakeholder engagement in the combating river pollution project in South Africa.” 


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