Sanne Vermeulen from Social Side Up at work in Kenya


To promote increased stakeholder engagement of end users and other relevant stakeholders in projects and plans for the physical living environment, by consulting and utilising their knowledge, expertise, and implementation power to achieve inclusive sustainable development. 


“When working in environments across Africa, Asia, and Europe, I discovered that end users are often being excluded in project/plan development and implementation. Although their input to decision-making, development and implementation of solutions to common problems or goals is crucial for sustainable change. My drive is to contribute to meaningful involvement of end users and other relevant stakeholders in projects and planning. I now dedicate my expertise to advocate for change and to those organisations who want to contribute to this change.”  

Sanne is an experienced stakeholder and process manager, specialised in social inclusion. She links social aspects to water, environmental and infrastructure projects. She set-up an inclusive urban development pilot project in Accra, Ghana, together with slum dwellers, and the public and private sector. She had a regional managerial position in West and Central Africa. Furthermore, she led projects in other sub-Saharan African countries, Asia, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Sanne worked for private sector companies, NGOs, governments, and for the executive director’s office of UN-Habitat’s headquarters in Nairobi. She has over 10 years country experience in Africa (e.g. Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenia, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger); Asia (e.g. India, Indonesia, Thailand); Europe (the Netherlands; Belgium). Sanne lived in Burkina Faso, India, Kenya, and Brussels. 

She is proud member of the international working group of ‘Vereniging Stadswerk’ (association on the physical environment), and social expert in advisory working groups of the Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment.

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“The staff of Ethiopian Partners for Resilience consortium member organizations (Cordaid, Netherlands Red Cross, Wetlands International, Red Cross climate center, and Care Netherlands) have benefited largely from the support provided by Sanne. Her role in shaping up the country level policy advocacy, capacity strengthening, and urban resilience building plans were immense.”


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